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Illustration by José Manuel Saraiva


Illustration Course:  
July 18th-29th
Porto, Portugal

Drawing Course:  

July 20th-25th

Porto, Portugal

Full illustration course fee (two weeks): €990

Full watercolour course fee (one week): €590

(does not includes accomodation, but we can help to find room if needed)
Includes all classes, workshops, various drawing materials, guided tours.

Promotion: bring a friend and you both pay €100 less in the illustration course or €50 in the drawing course!

Applications deadline: May, 22, 2022

(Applications received after 22nd May, 2020 will be accepted on a rolling basis)

Minimum applications to open: 10 students

When applying you will be asked a €150 fee (taken from the €990 or €590). Until the end of june you can make the remainig payment (€890 or€440). We will send you paypal and bank information for payment

All participants are responsible for their own flight arrangements and daily meals (average individual meal price in Porto starts from 6 to 8 euros and above).

Please email us for more details.

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