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Course Model (nude) exercise


  July 18th-29th
Porto, Portugal

Under the guidance of our international awarded team of tutors. Based on a practical approach, students will experiment new techniques with traditional and digital mediums, and several illustration subjects like:

Nude Figure Drawing (with human models)
Expressive Ink Pen Drawing with Watercolor
Color Wash Drawing
Urban Sketching
Digital Drawing

With focus in focus on specific projects,  like Model (nude) drawings, Fish Drawing with Color Wash, Expressive Ink Pen Drawing with Watercolor or Portrait and Cityscape Artwork, we will follow this Structure Of The Course:

Kinesthetic training: Gesture / line /mass

Gestural and objective drawing

Line typology

Representation approaches: Gesture outline drawing, precise contour drawing, motion drawing, modeling drawing by line and tonal area, schematic drawing (sketch).

Form / background: Positive space, Negative space

Representation approaches: Planar or projective approach, Inside-out approach, The outside-in-inside approach

Dynamics: Current movement, Potential movement, Dynamic balance

Imagined shapes

Symbolic forms

During the course the participants will visit the city with the guidance of local experts, knowing the history and cultural past, as well as the traditions of the local people.

Pleease drop us an email for more details.

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