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Illustration By Francisco Ramos

Estaminé Studio

Based in Porto, Estaminé is a studio focused on papercraft, illustration and lettering.
Coordinated by André Santos, Estaminé Studio uses paper as its material of choice in the creation of 2D and 3D pieces.
We are passionate about handmade things. That's why, in 2016, we started our studio in Porto, where we create 2D and 3D pieces, commissioned or self-proposed, all handmade and unique or produced in very small quantities.
Without excluding music in our “workshop”, we treat paper with all the respect and enthusiasm in creating detailed and colorful pieces, having already worked for Barbearia Porto, Biscoiteria Paupério and Pilar Eventos, among others.
We also develop other types of projects, mainly of an independent and collaborative nature, such as the case of the fanzine “Not everything that glitters is Gold” and the game “The Village falls asleep”, launched in November 2017.


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Francisco Ramos

An illustrator from Porto, Francisco currently works mainly with digital art and merchandise.

Bringing joy and liveliness to the table with his artwork is always his main priority. ✨




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Catarina Azevedo

Catarina focuses mainly on digital illustration, making merchandise and fan-art. She likes to use a lot of color and elements in her work.

José Manuel Saraiva

He gives classes at ESAD, in Matosinhos.

His illustrations have received numerous awards and have been chosen for many events around the world:

Bologna Bookfair Illustrators Exhibition (2002); Society of Illustrators; Comunication Arts Illustration Annual, Graphis New Talent Design, Una muestra de Ilustracion Ibero Americana Contemporânea na Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid; ILUSTRARTE Illustration Biannual (Special Mention, 2003); Bratislava Illustration Biannual (2005), Mostra Internazionale d´illustrazione per l´infanzia, Le Immagini della Fantasia (2004 ), 3x3 Children’s Show (2012). He was invited by french publisherEditions Sarbacane to illustrate the books Juste à ce moment-là, (Lauréat Printemps 2004 da AMAZON.FR) and Rouge Cerise (2005). In 2014, 2018 and 2022 he received the Best of the Best of Hii Illustration  International Competition.



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