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Course student drawing


July 20th-25th

Porto, Portugal

Model and Expressive Drawing

Students will participate in a creative and productive atmosphere for one week under the guidance of our university art tutors. Based on a practical approach, students will undergo a personal approach to the creative process, within one of Europe´s most beautiful and oldest cities, in recent years several times awarded Europe´s Best Destination.

Guided by a team of university level tutors, the one week course will appeal to participants who want to develop their personal visual language and want to master new techniques either with traditional mediums, like charcoal, watercolor and pastel or digital drawing.

In the one week course you will apply creativity and learn various objective and dynamic mark making techniques in various drawing and mixed media projects and digital drawing.

Master method and materials like watercolor, ink, pens/markers, charcoal, graphite pencil and pastel, with projects ranging from Urban Sketching and Nude Figure Drawing (with human models) to portrait and animal representation. It is designed for practitioners who have an interest in pursuing a career in illustration, either part or full time.

A course aimed at art lovers, regardless of your background: illustrator, graphic designer, fine artist, visual art students, architects, designers, tattooists, animators.

During the course the participants will visit the city with the guidance of local experts, knowing the history and cultural past, as well as the traditions of the local people.

What you need to bring

Students need to bring some basic drawing materials (pens, pencils, brushes, portable watercolours (if you have your one)...) and a laptop.

The Porto Illustration Summer Academy - Drawing course will provide sketchbooks, graphic tablet (to drawi in your laptop), watercolours, pencils, pastels, inks, papers and all other necessary materials.

Who we are

Porto Illustration Summer Academy is devoted to the study and practical research of illustration and drawing areas. We aim for excellence in class and to help all students to evolve in their personal graphic language.
We also intend for students to have a good summer time and enjoy themselves!

The Porto Illustration School is located in the historic center of the city, near RibeiraWorld Heritage Centre, protected by UNESCO since 1996. This year the classes will take place at Rua de Cedofeita, 122.

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