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Inês Oliveira

Inês Oliveira was born in Porto in 1979 and studied Graphic Arts and Communication, Fine Arts - Sculpture and participated in several workshops in the area of Animation Cinema (all in the city of Porto).
Shee has an extensive work published in Portugal, which includes, with text and illustrations of his own, the albums «A Mosquito» and «Os Amigos de Lia». Her work is characterized by an impeccable mastery of watercolor technique. She has participated in several illustration exhibitions in many coluntries (individual and collective), where she has received several distinctions.


André da Loba

Artist and reluctant poet.

André da Loba is a published and exhibited artist whose work has received international acclaim. As an illustrator, animator, graphic designer, sculptor, and educator, Andre’s combination of curiosity, experience, knowledge and unknowing serves as the constant medium with which he creates and inspires. His work is an invitation and a challenge to change the world, however big or small it might be. He lives in Brooklyn where he is secretly happy.

Clients Include: The New York Times; Time Magazine; The New Yorker; The Washington Post; The Boston Globe; Newsweek; Time Out Magazine; NPR; The World Bank; Blommberg; Boston College of Law; Morning Star; MTA; Stir; Letras Libres; Kalandraka; Companhia das Letras; OQO; Eterogémeas; Bruáá; Porto Editora; Caminho; Lupa Design; Silva!; Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation; amongst others.

His work has been recognized by: The Society of Illustrators NY; Communication Arts; CMYK; 3×3 Magazine; Luerzer’s Magazine; Creative Quarterly; Ilustrarte and The Bologna Children’s Book Fair.


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