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Course Model (nude) exercise


  July 25th-30th
Porto, Portugal

Under the guidance of our international awarded team of tutors. Based on a practical approach, students will experiment new techniques with traditional mediums, and several  watercolor subjects like:

1.Watercolor illustrators

2.Wet on Wet Techniques

3.Wet on Dry Techniques

4.Supplies & Tools

5.Ink & Wash Style

6.Shading & Light

7.Water Usage Tips

8.Wet on Dry Techniques

9.Watercolor layers

10.Splattering & Lifting Techniques

11.Making Patterns

12.Texture exercises

13.Urban Sketching

14. Character design

With focus in focus on specific projects,  like portrait painting, character design in watercolor, watercolor sketching, and Urban sketxching.

During the course the participants will visit the city with the guidance of local experts, knowing the history and cultural past, as well as the traditions of the local people.

Pleease drop us an email for more details.

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