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Illustration by Inês Oliveira

José Manuel Saraiva

He gives classes at ESAD, in Matosinhos.

His illustrations have received numerous awards and have been chosen for many events around the world:

Bologna Bookfair Illustrators Exhibition (2002); Society of Illustrators; Comunication Arts Illustration Annual, Graphis New Talent Design, Una muestra de Ilustracion Ibero Americana Contemporânea na Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid; ILUSTRARTE Illustration Biannual (Special Mention, 2003); Bratislava Illustration Biannual (2005), Mostra Internazionale d´illustrazione per l´infanzia, Le Immagini della Fantasia (2004 ), 3x3 Children’s Show (2012). He was invited by french publisherEditions Sarbacane to illustrate the books Juste à ce moment-là, (Lauréat Printemps 2004 da AMAZON.FR) and Rouge Cerise (2005). In 2014 he received the Best o f the Best of Hii Illustration 2014 International Competition.




Inês Oliveira

Inês Oliveira was born in Porto in 1979 and studied Graphic Arts and Communication, Fine Arts - Sculpture and participated in several workshops in the area of Animation Cinema (all in the city of Porto).
Shee has an extensive work published in Portugal, which includes, with text and illustrations of his own, the albums «A Mosquito» and «Os Amigos de Lia». Her work is characterized by an impeccable mastery of watercolor technique. She has participated in several illustration exhibitions in many coluntries (individual and collective), where she has received several distinctions.


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